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its a psychology class, this is about a few careers in psychology that we looked into more in depth, I can give you that information but this is the assignment


Due Date: Sunday End of Week 7 at 11:55pm Eastern Time

Due at the end of Week 7 of the course, the Capstone Project is a composite of the assignments produced for the course Weeks 1 through 6 Module Reports and ends with two summary pages describing the student’s top 3 specialty areas of interest at the time of the project submission and identified action steps needed for continued researching of those areas, successful degree completion and post-graduation plans.

This capstone work is a compilation of evidence of your learning. You must summarize your information from the past six weeks, not cut and paste from your earlier submitted reports.  Your focus should be on how all of this information impacts YOUR interests and plans for your academic future.

Capstone Project Grading Rubric


Topic Coverage

Required topics are covered thoroughly in each assignment submission.


Demonstration of Learning

Submission demonstrates a strong working knowledge of material incorporated.   


Organization, Format and Mechanics

Primary ideas, facts and insights are presented in a clear and easy to understand manner. First person “I” and second person “you” pronoun usage only occurs in sections of the work requiring it and all other portions are written in an objective manner. Writing is well organized and easy to follow. Assignment submission is in APA format, double-spaced with 1-inch top, bottom, left and right margins, and in Arial or Times New Roman styles, size 11 – 12 font, includes a cover page and all sources writing is based on or inspired by are correctly cited in body of the work and in a references list attached to the end.


Spelling and Grammar

Submission contains few to no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.



Total: 160