Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour


Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. Psychology has adopted the scientific method which means that it studies questions that can be tested in a precise, objective, publicly verifiable fashion. The first step in doing psychology scientifically is learning how to ask testable questions.

Please come up with a question and turn it into a hypothesis by stating it as truth, and then identify the Independent Variable and the Dependent Variable.

Independent Variable: This is the variable that you manipulate to see how it will affect the dependent variable.

Dependent Variable: This is the variable that you will measure.

Is there a Control group? You should be able to rule out alternative explanations for the differences between your experimental and control groups.

Research Participants: Who are your participants? Random assignment? Make sure you consider how representative your sample is.

Is it a Double-Blind Study or Single-Blind?: Single blind means that the participants do not know what your hypothesis is. Double blind is one step beyond. In a double-blind study, participants and the actual people running the experiment (i.e., the experimenters) do not know the hypothesis.