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                                   (u10d1) Unit 10 Discussion 1




Future of Public Administration


Using the library or the Internet, research and discuss the impact of a growing global information network on administrative practices. Describe the changes that will likely occur in the future. Be specific as to what the changes would be and how and why they would occur. Cite your sources in APA style.






Economic Climate and Public Administration


For this discussion, research the current economic climate and discuss the possible impact or implications for global public administration. Cite your sources in APA style.






(u010d1) Unit 10 Discussions




Diversity Training


The course content has covered many topics, including workforce diversity programs, workplace inclusion theories, organizations’ diversity reputations, and the ADA. Consider the approaches to diversity in the workplace you have reviewed this quarter. Select an issue that you think your company should provide an diversity training on and provide your reasons for this.








Course Reflection


Post a brief summary of three key concepts or insights that reflect your learning experience while participating in this course. You may refer to theories or research knowledge, how you would apply course content and experiences to your world of work or practice, or how you have grown personally and professionally as a result of completing this course. Be as specific as possible.