Public health | Biology homework help

Go to the and register for an account if you don’t already have one. Once you are registered, complete the following trainings and earn a certificate:

  • Course ID 1042734 Introduction to Surveillance (E is for Epi, Session 4.1)
  • Course ID 1059676 Public Health 101 Series – Introduction to Public Health Informatics
  • Course ID 1059516 Public Health 101 Series – Introduction to Public Health Surveillance

WRITE a 1-page paper overviewing the main concepts and ideas you learned from each of the certificates you completed in Units 1–4 as well as how it changed your understanding of public health and epidemiology. Use the APA provided template for formatting. Papers should be one page in length, include a main heading/title, double spaced, with a 12-point font. All other formatting must comply with APA requirements including a cover page, running head, and reference list if applicable. An abstract is not required. Save your paper as: “PAPER_Your Last Name”

Upload your completed Unit 4 certificates, along with the certificates from Units 1–3 to the Unit 4 Dropbox. Certificates should be uploaded as separate attachments each one clearly labeled with your last name, the name of the unit and the training. Certificates that do not include a name or date on the certificate will receive no credit. Certificates or narratives/papers that are submitted as an addition to the original submission after grades for Unit 4 have posted will not be accepted.