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Pregnancy in adolescents is very common these days and

can happen to anyone who engages in unsafe sex so knowing the risk factors is

important when providing teaching to this age group. Some common risk factors

putting adolescents at risk may be poverty, improper education, and having a

mother who gave birth before the age of 20. Some other uncommon risk factors

can include being from a single parent home, family conflict that is not easily

handled, early sexual activity, substance abuse or history of sexual abuse.

Race and ethnicity can be a factor but those alone do not increase risks as


There are many resources devoted to teenage pregnancy,

including, the Tennessee Department of Health Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

Program. They provide education for both pregnancy prevention as well as

services and support for pregnant or already parenting teens in the community.

You can find them at or call at

615-741-7353 for more information. A state resource available is Teen Pregnancy

Program on Office of Adolescent

Health. They provide education and support nationally for teenage pregnancy and


According to Virginia performs, over the past 10 years

from 2006 to 2015, teenage pregnancy has generally declined to 17.1 births from

35.2 births per 1,000 females ages 15-19. This puts Virginia at the 12th 

lowest for teenage birthrates out of all 50 United States. This is most likely

due to Virginia’s efforts to provide education on preventing teenage pregnancy

by offering family planning services, children’s access to primary care

providers, mental/substance abuse services, and check-ups after delivery. Overall,

prevention is key and the best way is through education on the risk factors,

risks involved with teenage pregnancy, and services available.

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