Research homework due 24 hours

Chose a topic and answer the questions 

The topic is : 

    Metabolic rate measures and methods




  1. What is the method?


General information about the methods.


  1. Why would a researcher use this method?


The particular features of this system that make it useful. E.g. PCR amplifies very small samples of genetic material that can then be used for sequencing or other analyses.


  1. What type of objectives can this method be used to achieve?


List a few examples of research questions or general areas of research that can be addressed using this system. Elaborate a little on each, so we understand what you mean.


  1. How does a researcher use this method?


What are the basic logistics of it? Nothing too detailed; no protocols 


  1. What are the pros and cons of this method? 


List and briefly explain any drawbacks or caveats that we should be aware of, along with particular benefits E.g. ELISA assays are pretty expensive.


6.     Are there alternatives or variations on this method that are good to know about?


If you can’t use this particular method, what are your options for alternatives? 


  1. What is a real example from primary literature of this study system being used?


Provide a brief summary of the research that used the method, including the main objective, basic methods used, the main results, and conclusions. Include an image of at least one figure or table, along with an explanation of what that figure/table illustrates. You must provide the complete citation and/or a link to the online paper.

List of sources and places where we can find more information.