Research paper bipolar disorder 1

Below you will find a copy of the Paper Instructions as stated in your syllabus.

1. Paper:   Choose any psychological disorder listed in the DSM-5. Using DSM-5 criteria, and a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed journal articles no older than 10-years, describe the disorder, along with symptoms, etiology, pervasiveness, and course of illness. Discuss best treatment/therapy used. Paper should be written in APA STYLE!


A.    Paper specifics:

i.      Must be typed with a 12 point font. Times New Roman.

ii.     No less than 5 pages double spaced. Excluding cover page, abstract and reference page

iii     Margins must be 1” on all sides


B. Select a person that is currently in the news/media. Give a brief description of the person

i.      Identify the person’s disorder (the one you researched)

ii.     Explain why this person could be identified with this disorder.


C. Prepare a 10-minute long Powerpoint presentation to summarize your paper to the class.


In order to receive a grade for the paper, the research MUST be presented to the class using a 10 minute (maximum) Powerpoint presentation.


Because this is a two-part graded assignment, students who do not turn in a paper, will not be able to present and will not get a grade. In the same way, if students do not present their paper, they will not receive credit for their work. No partial grade will be granted.


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