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Resource Guide 

Resource Guide development contains resources that are pertinent to one’s own community. Since this assignment will be built upon in other courses (and should serve the students in the future), students are encouraged to take the time to make it with care. For this course, students will research 10 church, para­church, and community agencies and list what they offer regarding assistance to those with interpersonal issues related to marriage or significant relationships. Note: These resources are to differ from ones previously submitted for other courses. Each course which requires this must add to the other resources, not duplicate. Resources should vary in format. Detail relevant data which will result in an accurate and comprehensive list of potential resources available in one’s area. Add personal commentary about each program included. More specific information about this can be found in Blackboard Course Materials section. This should be a work in progress through the course as it will take time to contact agencies and to write these up on the developing guide.