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Write a letter of reference or recommendation to potential interns highlighting the benefits of Barnes Jewish Hospital for consideration as a potential site for interns.

Internship Reference Letter Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate your experience at the internship site, as well as to evaluate what you have learned. The goal is to demonstrate an ability to “speak” to potential employers about the types of professional experiences that you have had at this site and to potential employees/interns about what they might expect from this site.

Based on what you think that you learned and experienced within the internship, write a 1-page letter of reference for the internship site.

Make sure to:

· Mention the type of site, population, and services provided.

· Explain your experiences.

· Identify what you learned.

· Indicate whether or not you would recommend this site to another intern and why.

Share this letter with your supervisor for feedback if you feel comfortable doing so.

You will be graded upon your ability to:

  • Evaluate an internship site.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively and to thus      “present” yourself well.
  • Persuade another potential intern.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the “language” of the      field (current APA).