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Due: 8-11-14

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Discuss your opinion in 350- to 700- words of the appropriateness of health care transparency; it may be helpful to address the following.

  • What is health care transparency?
  • In the past, what did health care transparency look like?
  • In the future, what will health care transparency look like?
  • Consider the following areas discussed by Dr. Cawley that would become transparent within hospitals, doctors offices and providers.  Do you agree with their transparency?
    • Wait times
    • Infection rates
    • Patient satisfaction surveys
    • Performance of medical procedures
    • Facility treatment of their patients

                       CITE/ REFERNCES, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!!




Find a short news or online article that has been recently published (within the current month) that addresses healthcare delivery in the United States or aligns with the week’s topic, health care continuum.


Write a 350- to 700-word summary that describes the issue and its impact on the health industry and society as a whole.


Consider the following:

  • What is the article about?
  • Does the article provide a national or global perspective about the issue?
  • Does the information presented in the article affect you or people you know? Explain.
  • Does the article make any claims about possible solutions or responses to the issue?

Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines.For help with using APA format check Student Resources and the APA 6th Writing Style Sample Paper. 

                          CITE/ REFERNCES, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!!


Part 3

 Attached is a format for Health Care Museum

You are the curator of the first Health Care Hall of Fame Museum, which pays tribute to the five most significant developments in the evolution of health care in the United States.


Prepare a proposal of the five main exhibits you would include. Be specific and draw from your readings or other research to demonstrate your understanding of newfound concepts, theories, and vocabulary.


Include information derived from your course materials, research in the University Library, and your personal analysis describing why these exhibits must be included. Descriptions and analysis must use complete sentences and be at least 100 words in length per exhibit (525- to 700- words).

                                CITE/ REFERNCES, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!!

Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.