selected health/healthcare issue powerpoint presentation

  1. Create a PowerPoint presentation that informs your classmates about your selected issue/topic. Describe in detail your selected health or health care issue/topic.
  • Why is it relevant?
  • What is its significance?
  • How does it impact health, health status and/or healthcare in the United States?
  • What are challenges/barriers (e.g., to incidence reduction, implementation, resolution/improvement)?
  • Provide relevant current data and research findings.


Keep in mind that the PowerPoint presentation is to serve as an instructional tool and not to promote your viewpoint. In other words, this is not about your opinion or experiences, it is a scholarly presentation of information.

Presentations are to be well-researched, informative, thought provoking, and based on a synthesis of facts and ideas from a variety of authoritative references. Information is to be presented in a logical, interesting sequence.

Write in your own words. Insert citations in order to attribute your information to original source and to add credibility to your writing. Direct quotes are not appropriate for this assignment. Points will be deducted for inaccurate in-text citation format and use of verbatim direct quotes.

Cite reputable sources throughout your presentation. Give appropriate credit for paraphrased/summarized information from reputable sources. Provide Literature Cited (or Reference List) slide(s) at the conclusion of the PowerPoint, which provides full publication information for all (and only those) sources cited within the PowerPoint. Use a formal style guide that you familiar with, e.g. APA, MLA.


It is anticipated that your PowerPoint presentation will include 20+ slides. Your PowerPoint presentation should begin with a title slide that identifies the topic of your presentation, your name, and the date. Your PowerPoint presentation should conclude with Literature Cited (or References) slide(s).


Be sure to use a consistent appropriate background, font, font size(s) and font color combinations. Include appropriate graphics/images/diagrams. The overall appearance of your PowerPoint presentation should be appealing and contain no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.