Stress management plan | Psychology homework help

IV. ActionPlanning

  1. a)  Rewrite the three personal or professional goals you identified in Section II-a as DAPPS goals (dated, achievable, personal, positive, specific). These

    three larger goals will inform your sub-goals for stress management.

  2. b)  Consider the DAPPS goals you identified in Section IV-a, and identify three sub-goals that address ways you can better cope with stress as you work

    towards your larger goals. These three goals become your action steps. Like your three main goals, your sub-goals should be DAPPS.

  3. c)  Explain how each supporting action step you identified relates back to psychological concepts and the stressors of your own daily life. How,

    specifically, will accomplishing each of these goals help to minimize your stress? What specific benefits do you think you will gain from achieving your sub-goals?

V. Conclusion

  1. a)  Summarize how learning to manage stress can support you in the achievement of your personal or professional goals.

  2. b)  Assess how successful you expect your stress management plan to be based on the studies you used for this project.

Guidelines: The paper should be at least 1,2001,500 words in length, double-spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins, with citations and references in APA format.