Summarize 3 articles | Biology homework help

Please summarize the attached article. The article can be written in a
narrative form and should not exceed ¾ of a page.  It should be written in
clear, simple language.  Your summary should discuss the purpose for the
article, how the research was conducted, the results and other pertinent
information from the article. Be sure to determine how the article is
relevant to the work we do and how the information might be used in
clinical practice.

        When writing your summary, please keep the following points in mind:

• You must receive approval in advance from Rita to summarize articles.  •
Your summary must be submitted in WORD format, as a WORD document.  • We
will be publishing your summary in a future staff and/or family
• You must provide complete citation information (see below).

Write a citation for the journal article at the top of the summary.  The
citation should follow the American Psychological Association’s style (see
sample below).  You will need to include the title of the article, the
journal where the article is published, the volume number, the issue
number, the publication date, the author’s name and page numbers.

Sample citation in APA format:
Jones, S.H. (2010). Playing the piano: Ten easy steps. Young Pianist, 90
(11), 88-90.