The living primates | Biology homework help

This lesson succinctly presents a portrait of what it is to be a primate with adaptation to an arboreal environment. The suite of traits that distinguish primates is presented along with a comparison to other types of mammals. Then the lesson delves into the adaptations and traits that distinguish the various type of primates from one another. Prosimians, tarsiers, New World monkeys, Old World monkeys, and hominoids are all described and distinguished. The types of locomotor patterns, diets, and habitats used by primates are interwoven throughout.


Choose either a. or b.


     a. List some key traits of Prosimians vs. Anthropoids.  Focus on a few key differences.  Discuss them in terms of primate evolution.   


     b. Describe & discuss how primate behavior is influenced by diet, predation, and other ecological factors.


     c. When you see terms presented onscreen, take note, get the definition/meaning, and know that such will come back to haunt you in quizzes and exams.



While responding to the dvd lesson, you may refer to the chapter as necessary.  See attached set of ppt’s.  However, make sure to focus your post on the video lesson content. Quote or make explicit references to what the big name commentators say in the lesson.