Theoretical Perspective Paper

*The following theories :

-Theory of Psychoanalysis, Alfred Adler 

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Aaron Beck

*APA   formatting is expected and will be reflected in the final grade.

*The   paper should be 8 pages minimum. Please be clear and concise, but include   relevant information to address each section of the rubric. Graduate level writing is expected.

*Outside   sources are expected for this paper.

*The   rubric is only a guideline for how this assignment will be graded.

Clearly identify each of the theories   you have integrated into your theoretical orientation. Be aware that you will need to expand on   each theory you identify as part of your orientation, therefore it is   recommended that you limit the number of theories to  2.

A description of the core concepts   associated with each theory   selected:

o Development of   the individual and psychopathology 

o Type of   therapeutic relationship between counselor and client

o Commonly used   techniques 

An acknowledgement of how the core   concepts for each theory align   with your thought process.

o How does the   theory’s interpretation of human development align with yours?

o How does the   therapeutic relationship promoted by the theory align with your idea of how   counselors and clients should interact?

How do these theories fit the   population you anticipate working with?

o Identify your   anticipated population (i.e. school, substance abuse, outpatient mental   health, college, young adults, elderly etc.)

o Please   integrate at least one outside source   per theory that supports your acknowledgement that your selected theories   can be effectively used with your target population.