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You will read the provided essay topic, noting carefully all the pertinent issues to address. You will then write an essay of at least 600 words (excluding the title page and reference page), drawing information from this course, scholarly articles, outside readings, and presentations for that module/week. The essay must be strongly supported with proper citations of 2–3 current, scholarly references in current APA format. These references must be less than 10 years old. DO NOT write opinions but support your answers to the questions with your readings.

Essay 1 – Trauma, Development, and Spirituality 

In addition to your readings and presentations for this module/week, research at least 2 scholarly articles that discuss trauma and its effects upon development. Discuss trauma and resilience, how trauma might affect development, and what might be the determining factors that lead to developmental delays when a child is exposed to trauma. What is research saying in regards to trauma and resilience, and spiritual development and how it can counter the effects of trauma? Analyze the research presented and critically discuss the viewpoints. Include biblical worlview

For each essay, ensure that the conclusion contains a good summary of the issues treated and offer suggestions for further study.