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Two things here, about 300-400 for each.


 Psychopathology: Symptoms, Treatment, & Intervention

From the following psychopathology, select one disorder and investigate current research:

  1. Schizophrenia 
  2. Antisocial personality and Borderline personality disorders
  3. Eating disorders
  4. Traumatic brain injuries
  5. Insomnia

For your selected disorder, address the following in three paragraphs:

    1. Describe behaviors in the workplace associated with the selected disorder.
    2. Explain treatment and interventions currently used (medical and non-medical, at work and at home).
  • How can leadership in companies help those with the disorder?


Review your peers’ presentations from Week 3, which are posted in the Doc Sharing area of our classroom. Using this discussion forum, provide feedback and share something valuable you learned from at least one presentation. Also, state how you will apply this new understanding when interacting with others in the workplace



Amy Dow

Dr. Tom King

ORG5270: Mental Health &

Psychopathology in the WorkplacePsychopathology: Generalized Anxiety


• Generalized anxiety is the chronic and uncontrollable sense of worry which results in


symptoms that may impact the individual’s well-being. The disorder was first