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Pharmacological Protocols and Guidelines 

 For this discussion: 

1. Consider the different groups of patients to whom you provide nursing care, and the setting in which you generally work—telemetry, orthopedics, medical-surgical floor, ICU, et cetera. (

2.Identify the setting and the groups of patients in this setting.

3. Identify a specific disease or condition you have worked with in the past and discuss the current pharmacological treatments used. ◦Is it an evidence-based therapy? ◦If not, describe the possible medication errors, as outlined in the Drach-Zahavy et al. article or the information on the AHRQ Web site.  

•Describe the protocols, guidelines, and evidence-based practices that are in place in your current or past work place (be sure to maintain confidentiality of your work place) to assist nurses in evaluating quality patient outcomes.