Video commentaries | Biology homework help


should be 450 to 500 words, minimum.  Either print them and hand them in to me in the class room or submit them as an attachment to a CANVAS email.  I will not accept any sent through the CAMPUS email system!!!

I would like your own reactions and comments about the videos, rather than a summary.  Possible content could be things you learned from it, questions you might have (that I will attempt to answer in class if enough people have the same questions), personal observations and interpretations or stories, even things you don’t like about it.  I will discuss this in class and if you have questions, feel free to bring them up then. 

 These will be word processed (if you don’t have access to a computer, talk to me), and should be double spaced (in a 10 font this will be approximately a full page.  If you write it in a 12 font or larger it will be a bit more than 1 page, because the letters are bigger. Go by word count, it’s easier on both of us.)  Use standard margins.  I can recognize 2 inch margins and triple spacing so don’t embarrass us both.  They should be turned in within a week of seeing the video, when the information is still fresh in your mind. I don’t have set due dates, to give YOU more flexibility, because you may substitute other videos if you wish. I will explain this more in class. We WILL have the videos in class, but I will post links for them on Canvas for all that there ARE links for, or suggest alternatives.  I have no problems if you go over 500 words. Not all may be available online, and I would like you to see them in class for discussion and questions you may have.  The grading will be based as follows: 5 points for full length papers, and the remaining 5 points for quality.