Week 3 discussion | Biology homework help

 This week’s discussion is rather lengthy, but it will better prepare you for the final exam. So, roll up your sleeves, get comfortable and make the effort to accomplish this task.

1. The following processes for energy production occur in cells, glycolysis and aerobic respiration, which consists of 2 steps. Compare the output (energy efficiency) of each process.

2. How do your skeletal muscles continue to function if you have utilized all of the ATP from aerobic respiration? What is the byproduct of glycolysis in your skeletal mucles?  Why does the accumulation of this byproduct can lead to muscle damage as well as affecting the homeostasis of you (the organism). Note: An article on rhabdomyolysis has been included in the materials for review.

In order to help you, key words include: ATP, mitochondria, glycolysis, citric acid cycle, oxidative phosphylation, glucose, lactic acid, denaturation, acidosis, rhabdomyolysis.

3. Photosynthesis is the opposite of respiration. Share your thoughts on the interaction of plant life with animal life. From an evolutionary standpoint, which came first, plants or animals. Support your thoughts.