You are the cio leading a km committee for a large multi-specialty

Question 1


You are the CIO leading a KM committee for a large multi-specialty physician group practice. What dimensions of KM performance will you recommend that your committee routinely monitor for the group practice? Please provide a few practical examples of measures for each dimension.


Question 2


Explain how modern healthcare organizations are using the data warehouse and the Internet for their continuous improvement activities. Provide at least one good example of a data warehouse application and one good example of a web application.


Question 3

Read the following articles:

http//cacm.acmorg/magazines/2009/11/48440-implementing-electronic-medical-records /fulltext



You are the CIO of a community hospital in the U.S. Northwest. Your hospital senior management team has reached the decision to implement a complete electronic medical records (EMR) system for the facility. While there is good support from some of the younger doctors on staff, many of the senior physicians are expressing reluctance to work on the EMR system. What steps will you take to optimize your chances for success in implementing the new EMR system?


Question 4



Knowledge Management (KM) in a healthcare organization is a big job. In fact, it is such a big job that progressive healthcare organizations across the nation are creating a new senior management level position just to keep up with the KM demands of the facility. The position is Chief Information Officer (CIO), and the salaries being paid to professionals in this position are commensurate with their responsibility and authority.

For the purpose of this discussion, let us assume that you are the newly appointed CIO in a community hospital. We will make it a 400-bed acute medical and surgical hospital.


What kinds of things will you assess in order to begin the creation of a true KM plan for the hospital? Who will you put on your KM committee to help with the planning process?